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H P INSTRUMENTS was founded by Highly Experienced Personnel in the field of instrumentation; in March 1995. We bring state-of-the-art scientific instruments from world-renowned manufacturers. We are now one of the leading suppliers of scientific instruments in India. Our main area of operation is to cater to the needs of Indian Scientific community for quality control and analytical research, Optical Laboratories, Indian research institutions such as IISc (Indian Institute of Science), Defence Research Laboratories, Indian Space Research laboratories, Laboratory for Electro-Optics and Systems, Battery Industries, leading pharmaceutical companies and other industries. We also supply scientific equipment to universities and R&D centers. As such we have a wide range of clientele throughout the country.
Our Associates:
Bitrode are the world leaders in the field of manufacturing battery equipment for use in Battery industries and testing laboratories. They manufacture top of the line Computer Controlled Battery life cycle testers, high rate dischargers, capacity testers, small cell formation Systems, and formation change/Discharge equipment for both automotive and Industrial batteries. Bitrode equipment are used in all the leading battery industries in India such as Exide Group of companies, Amara raja industries, Amco Batteries, HBL Industries, Star batteries, and also installations at Test Laboratories Of Central Electrochemical research Institute at Madras and Karikudi. We have also supplied Battery Equipment to Central Institute of Road Transport; Pune etc..
Sovema are the most significant and diversified battery equipment manufacturers for Battery industries. Scope of supply includes Sovema Lead Oxide Mill, Automatic grid casting machine, Industrial grid casting Machine, Grid Pasting Machine, Flash Drying Oven, Expanded Metal Line, Punching Machine, Wide Strip Continuous Casting machine, Enveloping and Stacking Machine, COS Machine(Cast on Strap), Formation Chargers (Sovel).
Xenocs SAS France
Xenocs provides solutions for nanomaterial characterization using Small and Wide Angle X-ray Scattering technique. For supply of X-ray Optics, an integrated SAXS/WAXS systems, Micro focus X-ray Generators for applications in Single Crystal / Polycrystal Diffractometry, XRF, EPMA, XPS, Polymer Science, surfactants, colloidals dispersions, surfactants, colloidals dispersions, Drug discovery, Petrochemicals, Renewable energy, Composite materials, and Xenocs brings an unparalleled level of performance, opening new perspectives for advanced SAXS/WAXS measurements in the lab. Xenocs SAXS/WAXS Systems are used in leading research centers such as CNSMS and RRI Bangalore, ARCI Hyderbhad, IGCAR Kalpakkam, NIIST Trivandrum, IISER Mohali, IIT’s etc.
Trioptics manufacture Optical Test Instruments for characterization and wide variety of optical components and Lens system. Trioptics manufacture High precision Optical Test Station that can accurately measure angular displacements, centration errors and other parameters. Automatic spherometers: for measurements of radius of curvature. It is designed to meet the highest test plate calibration requirements to accuracy of 0.01%. Precision Goniometers : For accurate measurement of prisms, polygons, wedges, windows, plates, collimators, wavefront sensors in both visible and IR ranges and Optical components. The Indian space Research Organization, Defence Science center, Central Scientific Research Organization, Instrumentation Research and Development Establishment are the users of Trioptics Systems.
Oxford Cryosystems U.K
Cryosystem Cooler for cooling XRD samples. These Systems are being used in leading Institutions such as IISC and JNCSAR Bangalore, CDRI Lucknow, , NIIST Trivandrum, CCMB Hyderabad, IISER, IIT’s etc.
KALLSTROM Engineering AB ; Sweden
Acid Mixing and Filling equipment for various types of Batteries such as Acid Fillers for Industrial Batteries and Automotive Batteries, Acid filling equipment for containers, Gel Fillers etc. The equipment are used by Exide Industries Group., GNB India Pvt. Ltd, Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.
Manufacture High Quality Refrigerated Water Circulation System for cooling the X-ray targets; High Temperature sources of power supplies. These Systems are being used in leading Institutions such as IISC and JNCSAR Bangalore, CDRI Lucknow, , NIIST Trivandrum, CCMB Hyderbhad, IISER, IIT’s etc.