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Dynamic Technology Systems

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We are International Representative for Q4 TASMAN and Q8 MAGELLAN Optical Emission Spectrometer in India.

Dynamic technology Systems (DTS) is growing exponentially to garner sizeable market share of the analytical products and instrumentation market in India, by targeting niche areas and unique applications for the metal, oils, pharma and health care, research industry while introducing global technology to exceed the expectations of the end user and add value in their processes.

DTS is engaged in marketing, sales and service of advanced technology systems involved in Material Research, Testing, Analysis & Inspection and serving the needs of the scientific community, technocrats and engineers in their quest for R&D, Process Control, Quality Assurance, and Measurement etc.

Metal Power Analytical Pvt. Ltd.

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Founded in 1987, Metal Power provides a comprehensive range of products, applications and services to meet the analytical needs of metal industries. Our Products division offers:
Stationary Optical / Atomic Emission Spectrometers (OES / AES)
Mobile Optical / Atomic Emission Spectrometers (OES / AES)
Hydrogen analysers for molten Aluminium
Sample Preparation Machines for spectrometers
A wide range of accessories for OES / AES
Apart from the product range, Metal Power through its Laboratory Division also offers

Certified Reference Materials (CRM) for Spectrometers
Services in Material Analyses and Proficiency Testing for other laboratories
Today the Company boasts over 30 years of experience serving the needs of ferrous and non-ferrous metals industries and has a truly global presence, spread across more than 35 countries in 5 continents. The common denominator across all our offerings – products, applications and services – remains our commitment to deliver the highest level of quality, reliability and uptime, while also offering the lowest cost over the product lifecycle, through low acquisition costs, backed by the highest quality of service and after-sales support to our customers – wherever they may be.
Our solutions have helped clients improve the quality of their products while also delivering millions in ongoing cost-savings and revenue enhancements through material cost savings, elimination of rework / rejections, dramatic improvements in productivity and of course, research and development of newer materials and alloys. Today, our instruments power several leading companies across industry sectors and geographical markets. With a rapidly expanding base of close to 2,300+ customers already, we are today, the largest OES firm in India and one of the fastest-growing in the world.

“Our vision is to be and remain global leaders in analytical instruments and the supplier of choice for companies around the world. We will ceaselessly research and innovate to bring to the market, products and applications of the highest quality and efficiency to meet our customers’ needs, enabling them in turn to meet the highest quality standards and achieve more through less – be it on investment, maintenance or time.”

Metal Power was founded with the sole objective to make the highest levels of quality not only available, but also affordable to all manner of buyers globally. Founded in the face of a rigid market structure with prices that drove away most buyers, Metal Power has always ensured that our efforts deliver the highest level of quality along with the best economy over the product lifecycle. True pioneers in the field of CCD-based Optical Emission Spectrometers, our product philosophy is driven by the focus on offering a tailored model to meet every customer need – both analytical and financial. As an outcome, we offer the world’s widest range of spectrometers – with each offering positioned to be the best-in-class in terms of features as well as on economic value.
Founded with the vision of ensuring that the optimal spectrometer model is affordable and attainable for every single user in metals industries, Metal Power today prides itself on having delivered more than any other in this pursuit.

We offer our clients a single-vendor solution to cater to all their analytical needs backed by a promise of industry-leading after-sales service to ensure uptime and productivity. Our products are designed to be rugged and long-lasting, delivering fast and highly precise and repeatable results even under the most demanding conditions.

At Metal Power, we pride ourselves on having state-of-the-art infrastructure for our Research & Development Centre, Manufacturing Works as well as Laboratory.
Spread across over 20,000 sq. ft. in the heart of Mumbai, our facilities are focused on delivering the highest quality outputs.

Evergreen Recyclekaro India Pvt. Ltd.

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Recyclers of Scrap Lithium Battery and Manufacturer of 'EVERGREEN' Cobalt Sulphate Crystals

Fogla Corp

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Manufacturing & Suppliers of 'FOGLA' PP Fabric & Bags, FIBCs – BIG Bags / Jumbo Bags,HM HDPE Drums & Suppliers of Surfactant Chemicals - LABSA, AOS, SLS and SLES.

Vijay Shree Enterprises

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Suppliers of Tubular Battery, Solar PCU Inverter, Solar UPS , Voltage Stabilizer etc..