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Raymotos Private Limited

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Raymotoss Private Limited is an Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing company. We believe in building a cleaner and greener future for generations to come. E-Bikes is the future of human mobility. We vow to contribute all our resources towards sustainable development and providing our customers with a product that would serve their purpose.

AK Enterprises

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We are Dealers of ROCKET, LUMINOUS & MICROTEK Automotive, Two Wheeler, Four Wheeler, Inverter, Tubular, Solar, UPS, SMF, VRLA , E-Rickshaw & Industrial Batteries. Domestic/Commercial Inverters. Battery Parts, Battery Chemicals, Lead Alloys, Lead Oxide, Electrical Vehicles & RO System In Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

J.H. Enterprises (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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We are Traders of KAYCEE, LUMINOUS & MICROTEK Inverter & Tubular Battery, LUMINOUS & MICROTEK Inverter, Domestic Inverter, Commercial Inverter, Authorised Distributors of EVTRIC Two Wheeler, Electric Vehicles in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

GNS Power Industries

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At GNS Power, we’re fueled by sustainability. In a world that’s fast-absorbing technology, we bring you the best of the best electric bikes to take you to places, safely. The immense scope for smart vehicles, also shows the world is ready for eco-friendly, safe, and clean ways to live. We are 100% made in India, for roads that are uniquely Indian. Designed for practicality and ease of commute, we aspire to make the transition to electric truly effortless. We understand that your commute is fueled by necessity, and KAYA is just that — a practical option for short-distance commute.

Lords Automative Pvt. Ltd.

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We at Lords Automative Pvt. Ltd. are proud to be the market leaders in India to manufacture best-in-class eco-friendly Electric Scooters under the brand ‘Lords Zoom’. Our mission is to constantly produce top quality electric two- wheeler for our country citizens that will give them a delightful experience every time, great satisfaction and cost effective solutions for their daily commute needs. Our latest Electric Scooty Lords Zoom Li is fuelling our mission of establishing a trusted & a reliable brand that delivers best, stylish, comfortable, energy-efficient, smart and affordable electric bikes to the nation.
We are headquartered in Mumbai with a world-class manufacturing unit at Silvassa that is spread over an area of 24000 sq.ft. and well-equipped with state-of-the-art machines, modern facilities and latest technology. Our team of highly skilled engineers & professionals with years of experience in the field is focused on continuous improvement and R & D to develop better products each time and provide great service to the nation. We keep on our process of innovative thinking in developing products that will help the Indian Market to cater to the needs of the EV segment. Our team undergoes expert training periodically which has helped us develop our core values like Honesty, Team Work, Transparency, Innovation, Quality, Customer Centricity & Timely Delivery.
Going electric isn’t new for us. Our conglomerate Lords Mark Industries Pvt. Ltd. has been in the business of developing eco-friendly, sustainable & renewable energy products like LED lights, Solar appliances and Lithium Batteries for different market sectors, since 1998. Looking at the hike of fuel prices in India, worsening of automobile pollution issues and rising global warming effects, our business head Shri Sachidanand Upadhyay along with the team took this initiative of starting a green venture – Lords Automative Pvt. Ltd. to contribute to our motherland and to the world at large with our EVs, Li-ion Batteries & Electric Charging Stations solutions.

Arun Industrial Corporation

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Manufacturers of INDOCON Automotive, Tubular & E-Rickshaw batteries and ARUN Automotive & Tubular Battery Plates, INDOCON Inverter and AKG Tubular Bags. Distributors of DARAMIC PE Separators, INTEX PVC Separators, SWATI PP Containers, Grey Oxide, Lead Alloys & Red Lead & Litharge, Manufacturers of AKG E-rickshaw in Shamli, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Chirag Industries

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We are Manufacturers of SUPER Battery. Dealers/Distributors/Traders of LUMINOUS, AMARON & LIVFAST Automotive, Tubular, Inverter, E-Rickshaw, Two Wheeler, Four Wheeler, Solar Batteries. LUMINOUS, AMARON & LIVFAST Inverter, LUMINOUS Solar, Solar Panel, Solar PV Module, On Grid Solar System, Off Grid Solar System, Solar Inverter in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Chehak Batteries

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CHEHAK BATTERIES India is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters of environment-friendly Battery Operated Vehicles. The company special sizes in the manufacture of ICAT Certified E-Rickshaws & E-Carts (conforming to Motor Vehicle Act 16th Amendment ). CHEHAK BATTERIES has a strong team of technical & skilled work Force with hands-on experience of both Automobiles as well as the Aviation Industry. The Company’s mission is to manufacture E-Rickshaws & E-Carts of the highest quality offering the latest technology, committed customer service & satisfaction. So, each and every product that rolls out from the plant offers utmost safety, comfort & utility to the driver, as well as the passengers which in turn gets converted into "Value for Money".
Evolution of E-Rickshaws & E-Carts:
E-Rickshaws & E-Carts have become an integral part of the Indian transport system since they of for pollution-free, most economical last mile connect ivi ty both for the urban as well l as rural India. In October of 2014, the Govt . of India brought E-Rickshaws & E-Carts under the ambit of the Motor Vehicle Act, thus creating stringent standards, rules for the manufacturing of E -Rickshaws & E-Carts. There on, any unit manufacturing E-Rickshaws & E-Carts had to be approved by the transport testing department; e.g. ICAT Manesar, ARAI Pune, etc.

Vandana Motors

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We are Authorised Dealers of PARAS- ECO E-Rickshaw In Niranjanpur, Madhya Pradesh. Traders of EXIDE & OKAYA Automotive, Two Wheeler, Four Wheeler, Inverter, Tubular, E-Rickshaw, Solar, UPS, SMF, VRLA & Industrial Batteries In India.

Speedways Electric

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Speedways Electric is proud to call itself a truly green establishment with our focus on creating unique and custom-made electric vehicles for a host of applications across industries and businesses.
Our eco-friendly fleet is designed with the view to save the environment and conserve our resources – all while looking aesthetically pleasing and becoming solutions to varied range of requirements.

Leading the movement in Electric Mobility in India
Speedways Electric is the pioneer in the manufacturing of Golf Carts and Electric Vehicles in India. We boast of the largest range of electric vehicles in the country and are continually developing new products. We are known for our innovations and creative explorations and strongly believe that if you can dream it, we can build it.
Banishing the common misconceptions regarding EVs we have created beautiful vehicles that are not just efficient in their running time and durability but are also easy to maintain and operate. Our range of Golf Carts and customized EVs are used in establishments and institutions to increase efficiency and productivity.

Research and Development Center for Electric Vehicle Development
At Sarup Singh R&D Center, we continually develop our vehicles to make them better and more advanced to contribute in making a cleaner and greener world.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to create a greener tomorrow with technology that is available today. Because we build everything in-house at our manufacturing unit, whether they are special EV grade batteries or exclusively designed tyres – it gives us the flexibility to create custom solutions for our clients.
We offer tailormade solutions and are committed to exceptional quality at affordable prices.

S.K Engineering

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Sales & Service Hand Plate Truck Spare Parts and EXIDE 48 volt, 24 volt, 12 volt, Forklift Battery & Heavy Vehicles

Ahuja Auto Electric Service

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Authorised Dealers of EXIDE, AMARON & EASTMAN Automotive, Two Wheeler, Tubular, Inverter, E-Rickshaw, Solar, UPS, SMF, VRLA & Industrial Batteries and AMARON, EXIDE & MICROTEK Domestic, Commercial Inverter, Home UPS, Authorised Dealers of TOM TOM & AVON E-Rickshaw.

EFEV Charging Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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E-Fill is the only start-up which is working for the complete EV Eco-System. We have developed innovative and reliable products with an expert team, having more than 10 years of experience from major OEMs like Mahindra Electric, Tata Motors, Yamaha, MapMyIndia, Revolt, Bajaj, Goenka, ETO Motors etc.
Our prime focus is on product Innovation and customer satisfaction. Our product portfolio includes EV Chargers(Slow / Moderate / Fast), Cloud based CMS, E-Fill Mobile Application and Electric Three Wheelers ( E-Rickshaw – Passenger/Loader and L5 Autos)
E-Fill EV Telematics allows you to keep a bird-eye on your E-Vehicle/Fleet and thereby help you to improve fleet utilization, optimize charging cycles enhance battery life, and track your EV partners and operators' performance.
E-Fill CMS best suited for commercial & Private charging stations. It helps you in live monitoring, Tariff management aling with many other Exciting advance features to run EV charging business efficiently.
With E-Fill monitoring your EV charging is possible at fingertips. You can access the CMS- on desktop as well as mobile phone using our application.

Toxmo Electric Motors Pvt. Ltd.

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Manufacturers of TOXMO E-Vehicles.

Tejus Motors

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Manufacturers of Electric Carts, Electric Trucks & Electric Auto.

A K Autto Electrical

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a k autto electrical is one of the leading manufacturers of Eco-Friendly Battery Operated Electric Vehicles. The Company specializes in the manufacturer of CIRT, certified E-Rickshaws & E-Loaders. We believes in improving the quality of life by providing the best and strong and reliable E-Rickshaw and E-Vehicles for better environment and opportunities to earn.

Scion Energy Storage

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A brief about Scion Energy Storage.

Incorporated in 2018, we provide customized Lithium Battery pack solutions and Charger Solutions for all your requirements. We have all battery packs from the range upto to 420V. We manufacture battery packs for applications such as UPS, Inverter, Electric Vehicles, Weather monitoring systems, AGVs and more.

We are actively supplying batteries with ancillary circuits to leading portable fridge manufacturers in India.

With the state of the art leading technology, manufacturing facility, world class testing and technical expertise under one roof we offer Lithium ion battery packs which are produced under stringent quality controls and thereafter go through our standards of quality checks before reaching our customers.

With a current capacity of 50 Megawatt Hour per year expandable upto 200MWh/ year, we are consistently and continuously growing in our technical expertise, commitment, providing on-time and satisfactory customer service.

Scion Energy Storage is a part of GITA Group, a business group established in 1950 and has substantial interest in diversified business activities.

We consistently bring on board partnership and collaborations from different fields for product development, R&D which enables us to keep up with the upcoming fast paced business growth as well as give back to society to do our bit in the growth of India’s vision towards a smart, safe, green and sustainable future.


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Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) in Bangalore
Uniqtronics Solutions Private Limited, is Electronic Manufacturing Services Company in Bangalore, India, with successfully completed ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485 QMS – Medical. USPL is a Potential Leader in the Electronic Manufacturing Services in India. We have been servicing a wide array of clients from all over the world (Indigenous & Exports). We equipped with high end in built quality SMT line to serve, upcoming technological products.

Manish Traders

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We are Dealers of Citylife E-Rickshaw & Eastman Battery and Chargers in Sonipat, Haryana, India.