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Advanced Battery Research Centre

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"Energy storage system has the potential to change the way we live"
Advance Battery Research Centre at KAHE, Under the guidance of Dr. Nanjan Sugumaran, Ph.D. (I.I.Sc.), International Battery Consultant, is well equipped with the latest technologies and R&D facilities In the field of energy storage and mobility applications with expertise in R&D in Lead-acid, Lithium and other emerging energy storage systems.
KHAE has established computer-controlled battery testing facilities for the following as per BIS and other international standards such as JIS, EN, SAE & IEC. UPS applications, Telecom applications, Automotive applications, Motorcycle applications, Solar applications, E-Rickshaw applications, Motive power applications, Power tool applications, Laptop & Mobile applications, EFB applications, EV applications.

KHAE also involves in:
1. Fundamental research in battery chemistry.
2. Application research in batteries.
3. Prototype evaluation.
4. Brand comparison & Performance benchmarking.
5. Data to support marketing claims.
6. Quality assurance.
7. Joint research with various battery companies.

Facilities Available:
1. Battery testers (3V/10A, 18V/10A, 18V/50A, & 18V/1000A)
2. Cold Chamber (-25°C to 25 °C)
3. High-temperature bath ( 25°C to 80°C)
4. Paste Mixer
5. Ultrasonic humidifier
6. Hot air oven
7. Battery internal resistance tester
8. Data logger
9. pH meter
10. Conductivity meter
11. Electrochemical work station
12. Atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS)
13. UV-Visible spectrometer
14. FT-IR spectrometer
15. Gas Chromatography