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Ekta Traders

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Dealers of Battery, Battery Parts & Battery Scrap

Bhagwati Traders

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Manufacturers of AXON ® Automotive, Inverter, Tubular, Two Wheeler, Four Wheeler, E- Rickshaw, Solar & Batteries and UPS and AXON & RIDE Battery Plates and Dealers of All types of Battery & UPS Battery, Inverter, Battery Plates, Battery Scrap & Lead & Alloy

Ambika Enterprises

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Manufacturers I Power Automotive & Tubular Battery and Dealers Battery Scrap & Lead and Authorised Dealers Exide Battery

Unicon Metal Link

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Dealers of Scrap Battery & Lead

Ganapathi Enterprises

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Manufacturers of Lead & Lead Alloys and Dealers of Battery Scrap.

Star Enterprises

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Dealers of Nickel Scrap, Tin & Battery Scrap and Suppliers of Lead

Kandan Metal Mart

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Kandan is the private company having only one manufacturing unit at malur Kolar District. Our manufacturing unit is a global Leader in Secondary Lead Smelting Technology, provides solutions for Secondary Lead Smelting, Lead Refining, Lead Alloying, Lead Oxides Manufacturing at malur comprises of battery breaking, Rotary Furnaces, Refining Pots.. At Kandan we are doing Lead Recycling through various sources of Lead Scrap (Battery Scrap, Lead Battery Plate Scrap, Concentrates etc.) Company is in a process to install Lead Oxide plant, Spectrophotometer and some more instruments in its laboratory.

Kandan Group is managed by a team of professionals, having experience of more than 15 years of Lead Metal Industry. Kandan is committed towards providing low cost Lead & Lead Products with highest level of quality. we believes in versatile services & ethical business practices by preservation and protection of our natural resources Our technology proved to meet the requirement of Environmental regulations that the most important part of any industries and Kandan is known for Eco-friendly Recycling.

• Excellence
we take pride in doing our best in everything we do. We embrace change to learn and grow and we believe in ushering in new methodologies and technologies and ways of working to improve and advance productivity and thus invite out-of-the-box thinkers from time to time.

• Respect
we treat each other with respect and dignity, recognizing that innovation springs from unique perspectives. We provide equal opportunities for growth to both our male and female employees without any discrimination.

• Integrity
• Building value for Customers, Associates, Vendors, Investors and Society at large. And we are honest and ethical in everything we do.

• Embrace change as an opportunity through active management & ensure a lean organization for quick response.

• Being disciplined to undertake businesses only in areas that we understand and can do well.

• We are all accountable and willing to be measured. Our daily decision and actions are crucial.

• We are not afraid to be different - you have to be different to be better.

Our Team

1 .A.Murugan (Chairman)
2 .A.Lokanath ( Director)
3 .A.Mohan ( Director)
4 .A.Sreenivasan ( Director)
5 .M.Pradeep.Kumar (Chief Executive Officer )

Our Mission and Vision:

To become world class manufacturer and supplier of Lead Alloys, Lead Oxide and its various products to its customers through implementing innovative and modern technology and to expand its line of activities. and to give them value for money along with timely and courteous service

Mission of Kandan Metal is to help Battery manufacturers by supplying world class lead for making long lasting and long range batteries for newer field of application in Electric Vehicles for contributing towards India's CDM (Cleaner Development Mechanism) program in minimizing automobile emissions.

Diwakar Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

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Manufactures of DPL Lead Oxide (Grey), Lead Alloys (Sellenium, Calcium), Pure Lead and Red Lead and Dealers of Battery Scrap. Incorporated in the year 2005, R.P. Chemical has proved itself to be one of the prominent firms engaged in Manufacturing and Supplying a quality array of Lead Products. Products offered by us are as follows Refined Lead, Lead Oxide, Lead Alloy, Red Lead and Pure Lead. Owing to the quality of our range, we are widely appreciated among the customers. Being an innovative and client oriented firm, we ensure that customers must be manufactured in accordance with the clients’ specifications. We work in close coordination with the customers, so that we would have the better idea of their needs and we would be able to serve them efficiently. We aim at maintaining cordial long-term relations with our customers and make them immensely satisfied. Constant efforts are made by us manufacture the products in accordance with the modern technologies and trends prevailing in the market.

Shri Sabhari Smelters Pvt. Ltd.

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Manufacturers of SHRI SABHARI Selinium Lead Alloys, Antimonial Lead Alloys, Calcium Alloys, Pure Lead & Alloy as per customer specifications etc. (Registered with MoEFA, CPCB, Delhi & Auth. By TNPC Board, Chennai)

VEEAR Marketing

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Manufacturers of Lead Ingots and Dealers of Battery Scraps and Distributors of TATA GREEN Battery

Vraj Batteries

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Manufacturers of Battery Plates, Tubular Battery Plates & VIRAJ Tubular, Automotive Batteries and Dealers of All Kind of Battery Accessories, Inverter, UPS & Battery Scraps

Raj Metal Industries

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Manufacturers of Pure Lead, Antimonial, Selenium, Calcium Lead Alloys. Importers of Lead Scrap, Scrap Battery

Samad Battery Trading

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Dealers of All types of Battery, Lead, Lead Oxides, Scrap Battery, AGM Separator etc.

Lotus Alloys

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Manufacturers of Pure Lead, Lead Alloys & Battery Plates, Reclaimation from Old Battery Scrap & Lead Scrap (Authorised Recycler of Lead from CPCB)

Maruti Battery Traders

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Manufacturers of MARUTI, SMF & VRLA Automotive, Inverter, Tubular, E-Rickshaw, Two Wheeler, Solar & UPS Batteries and MARUTI Automotive & Tubular Battery Plates and Dealers of All type of Battery, Battery Plate, Battery Parts, Battery Scrap & Lead Alloys

N.P. Krishnasamy Chettiar & Co

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Dealers of Battery, Battery Scraps

Jai Jagdamba Automotive Industries

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Manufacturers of JAGDAMBA & FINEX Battery Plates, Tubular Plates and Automotive, Inverter Battery and Suppliers of Lead Oxide & Lead - Ore, Battery Scraps

Sri Meenakshi Metals

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Dealers of Non-Ferrous Metals and Battery Scrap


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Manufacturers of STAR RECLAMATION Lead Ingots and Trader of Battery Scrap.

Bansal Enterprises

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Manufacturers of STELLAR Battery & Battery Plate and Dealers of Battery Plates, Power Inverters, Lead soft/Hard & Battery Scrap