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BVM Metal

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We are Recyclers of Old Batteries Scrap & Manufacturers of Antimony Lead, Selenium Lead, Pure Lead 99.99, Remelted Lead In Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

Vishwakarma Engineers (Fluid O Matic)

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Our company was founded in 1989, in NOIDA by D.D.Sharma. Our motto has been to give innovative engineering services to the industry. To give our customer best of services through our products and make sure that product made by the machines and services improve the position of our customer.

To get more sales through better quality of product, which is manufactured by our machines in turn, we also gain our position in market. The main benefit of the company is that our management is technically qualified so we make technologically better machines.

We designed first heat-sealing plant in India in 1996 when majority of industry did not know about battery heat sealing. Our machine had been performing flawlessly & faultlessly during last fifteen years. Our USP is to train a layman for operating our machines & we make this successful by providing them Video Manuals (V.M.) right from Installation c.d. TO Operational c.d. TO Troubleshooting c.d. We provide elaborate electrical & pneumatic drawing with operating instructions.

We also cover possible faults with our machines & warning on different manufacturing practices. We provide telephonic fault findings, if not solved with this then our engineer personally visit to solve those problems.

To summaries all, we make sure that you make a perfect Battery& Lead, which should stand for its perfect life. Our service period we don't limit to certain period.

Porwal Metal

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Our mission will always be to serve you best & always our commitment by providing you with out “excellent technology, excellent products & excellent services”. In the existing business scenario where Indian companies are trying to become more aggressive, it is important to get rid off the continuous power cuts & worries. Thus, we help you in achieving the goals & our mission will always be to enable customers to:
Reduce Time Wastages
Reduce Cost
Improve their Quality of Service & Product
Rely on us as Partners in Development
We are manufacturing Tabular, Automotive & Two Wheeler. We have established quality control lab to check the quality of incoming raw material as well as finished product. Our R&D is a manifestation of our belief in quality & innovation. it views R&D capabilities as a vital component of its business strategy that will provide the company with a sustainable, long term competitive advantage. The company today has a good pool of employees who are engaged in path breaking research. Our team works on bringing world class technologies to the consumer at the least cost.

AirSon Batteries

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We are Manufacturers/Traders of AIRSONS & GOLDEN HAWK Automotive, Inverter, Tubular, Solar Batteries/Battery Plates. Purchaser/recyclers Of Old Battery Scrap. Manufacturers of Soft/Hard Lead, Refined Lead, Selenium Lead, Lead Sub Oxide & Antimony Lead In Abohar, Punjab.

Indotherm Equipment Corporation

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We are 27 years old manufacturers of heat treating furnaces, pollution control systems and ovens intended to be used in industries. Our goal is to peruse excellence in everything that we offer to our customers.

In the year 1995, Indotherm Equipment Corporation began its operation with a dream of assembling, trading, and providing of elevated expectation Furnace and Belt Conveyor. Being an ISO 9001:2008 affirmed firm the scope of items which we have been conveying to our contain Hydraulic Tilting Furnace, Reverberatory Furnace and Tilting Reverberatory Furnace.

We began our operation with an intend to convey an item which is sheltered and condition benevolent too. Our scope of items spares vitality and expends less fuel which is one of the significant highlights of our item.

We have a registry of approved sellers and in the wake of having a forceful research, we select the most solid merchant. The crude materials which are provided to us are quality checked at their end, we in the wake of procuring it from them likewise leads a quality test and therefore ensure that it meets the business parameters.

Since we began, we have been profoundly evaluated by the customers for conveying them an astounding item. In these times of operation, we have possessed the capacity to make a position in the market by offering great nature of administration and items.

We likewise have an astounding bundling unit outfitted with most recent hardware which helps in pressing the items, ensuring that they are protected while being traded and provided. We additionally have an effective group who keep themselves up bosom with the innovation and as needs be put their endeavors in conveying high-class items. We trade our items over the globe.

Mr. C. L. Tripathi has dependably taken after a client driven approach and kept up a benevolent business strategy. His vision and mission has dependably been in conveying an unrivaled item which is ok for nature and furthermore devours less vitality. It is his direction that we have been capable in bringing our customer a quality item.

Gold Battery

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We are Manufacturers of KHAN Automotive, Inverter, Tubular, E-Rickshaw, Two Wheeler, Four Wheeler, Solar & UPS Batteries. Battery Plates and Recycling of Heat Sealed /Lead Acid All Types of Batteries In Udyog Kunj, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Quanteq Metalloys LLP

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Recyclers of Soft lead, Hard Lead, High Antimony Lead, High Tin Lead, Selenium, Lead Acid Battery Scrap

Royal Metal Industries

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Registered Battery Scrap Recycler and Battery Scrap Purchaser

Soka Industries

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We are Manufacturers of Lead Smelting and Refining and Dealers of All types of Battery and Lead & Lead Oxide in Rajasthan, India

Sandeep Lead Alloys (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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SANDEEP LEAD ALLOYS (INDIA) PVT.LTD. The company is engaged in manufacturing and supplying Lead and Lead Alloys to its valued customers. The company has obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification from URS also obtained Registration from Central and Karnataka State Pollution Control Board for the eco-friendly recycling of Lead Acid battery scraps.

SANDEEP LEAD ALLOYS (INDIA) PVT.LTD. Incorporated as on is manufacturing lead & lead Alloys for use is making batteries for automotive and other Industries. These products are marketed for comprehensive usage in India and International markets like Indonesia, Australia, Korea, Malaysia, Middle East and other European countries.

The Factory is situated at Malur Taluk, Kolar District, Karnataka State. And is in close proximity to Bangalore & Hosur where Major Battery producing companies are located.

SLA CPCB (Central pollution Control board certified)
KSPCB (Karnataka state pollution control board certified)
MOEF (Ministry of Environment and Forest)

Advancetech Metalloys Private Limited

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Manufacturer of 'Advancetech Metalloys' Lead & Alloys and Refined lead (99.98%) Grey & Lead Oxides.
We are the approved RSPCB,MOEF,CPCB battery recyclers. We manufacture wide range of lead alloys, refined lead and lead oxides. Highly pure and precise quality products with in house spectro lab and latest operating equipments

Lotus Alloys

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Manufacturers of Pure Lead, Lead Alloys & Battery Plates, Reclaimation from Old Battery Scrap & Lead Scrap (Authorised Recycler of Lead from CPCB)

Kisan Batteries

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Battery Recyclers

V.K. Enterprises

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V.K. Enterprises (Consultants & Engineers) Recyclers of Scrap Battery, Lead Ore in Ghaziabad. Complete Industrial & Auto Battery Making Plant on Turnkey Basis, Consultancy on wide range of Lead Application. We offer state of the art technology enriched with our 38 years of experience in lead industries situated in ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Our expertise is in the following fields:
1. Scrap Batteries & Lead Ore Recycling Plant (Rotary Furnace) Eco friendly.
2. Lead Alloying (Calcium Alloys, Selenium Alloys).
3. Pure Lead 99.99%.
4. Complete Industrial and auto battery-making plant on Turn key basis.
5. Lead oxide Barton system & ball mill.
6. Red lead & Litharge.
7. Pollution control systems.
8. Automatic battery cutting plant- 5 M.T/Hr.
9. We provide consultancy on a wide range of lead applications.

Kaycee Industries

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We are Manufacturers of Soft Lead, Hard Lead, RML Lead, Selenium Lead, Calcium Lead, 99.97%, 99.98% Pure Lead, Lead & Alloys, Dealers/Purchasers of Battery Scrap and Battery Recyclers In Sarigam, Valsad , Gujarat, India.

Sterling Lead Pvt. Ltd.

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We are Manufacturers of Calcium Lead, Selenium Lead, Soft Lead, Hard Lead, RML Lead, Pure Lead, Antimony Lead, lead & Alloys. Dealers/Purchaser of Battery Scrap and Battery Recyclers In Kagal, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

M M Metals Industries

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We are Manufacturers of Antimony Lead, Lead & Alloys, Grey Oxide, Dealers/Purchaser of Battery Scrap and Battery Scrap Recyclers In Mandideep, Raisen, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Aarya Metals

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We are Manufacturers of Remelted Lead, Soft Lead & Hard Lead, Lead & Alloys, Dealers/Purchaser of Battery Scrap & Battery Recyclers in Manjusar, Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Jay Ambe Metals

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We are Manufacturers of Soft Lead, Hard Lead, RML Lead, Lead & Alloys. Traders of Soft Lead, Hard Lead, RML Lead, Calcium Lead, Selenium Lead, Antimony Lead, Lead & Alloys. Dealers/Purchaser of Battery Scraps & All type of Lead Scraps and Battery Recyclers In Sanand, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Blaze Metal Works

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We are Manufacturers of BLAZE Pure Lead, Soft Lead, Hard Lead, Calcium Lead, Selenium Lead, Remelted Lead, lead & Alloys. Dealers/Purchase of Battery Scrap and Battery Recyclers In Moraiya, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.