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Cellforce Power Pvt Ltd

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Cellforce Power Pvt. Ltd.; ISO 9001: 2015 certified is the leading complete power solution specialist in Surat, having a portfolio, comprising of Power backup solutions such as automotive, UPS, Tall tubular and solar batteries; Liquid and Dry batteries. The Company began its operations, with a motto to deliver an innovative technology to the customers, which can make lives comfortable, efficient and hassle free. Leveraging upon our unique service providing strategy, we believe in delivering outstanding products and after sales service, to all people and regions, we serve. The product goes under multiple stages of quality tests before the final dispatch. Highly sophisticated advanced machinery and premium quality material are used for this purpose, ensuring the qualitative differentiation. We are catering market needs with best quality products and our commitment towards the customers remains unaltered till the date. Yet, we are extending our network to provide you quick and brisk service.

Energion Powermax Batteries Pvt. Ltd.

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The Best Solution For All Power Batteries
POWERMAX is the leading battery manufacturer and supplier in India, offering a full selection of 100% authentic batteries under the POWERMAX brand, including Energion Power Max, Meridian Dolli's automobile battery, Amizar's tall tubular battery, and Meridian Dolli's hy power battery.

Mittal Batteries Pvt ltd

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We are Manufacturers of MASSIMO E-Rickshaw, Automotive, Inverter, Tubular, UPS, Solar, LMLA & VRLA Lead Acid Batteries In Secunderabad, Telangana, India.

Nesscap India Pvt. Ltd.

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We are Traders/Importers of NESSCAP & ADIRA Motorcycle Batteries in Surat, Gujarat, India with one of the goals to give our customers High-Level Quality Products & Services. Nesscap Values its customers and is committed to providing them with A Wide Range of Choices in Battery.

Apex Power Systems

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We are Apex Power Systems. We are a leading battery manufacturer based in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Established well over two decades ago, we now manufacture a range of high-quality batteries that range from Inverters, Automotive, to Solar and E-rickshaw batteries.
Apart from high-quality durable batteries, we also manufacture 'true happiness' for our valued customers and clients all of whom are really delighted to use our products for their durability and reliability.

Orion Battery

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Manufactures of `ORION` Automotive and Tubular Battery and Digital Inverter

Orion is a company manufacturing and marketing reliable and cost-effective Batteries ranging from 2.5 Ah to 300 Ah, Automotive, Tubular stationary and MC Battaries,under the Orion brand name.The Orion battery is captained by Mr. M. P. Babu. He has a composite experience of more than 26 years in the field of lead acid battery manufacturing.

Research & Development
R&D activities mainly focus on improving the quality of product by addressing the various issues in the regular process and production times. The objective of the R&D Division is to enhance the life span of the products and ensuring better performance.

Indo Automotive Batteries Pvt. Ltd.

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Manufacturers of INDO Automotive, Solar, Tubular and Stationary Battery.

We are an ISO 9001 company established in 1991, with a mission to cater to clients with the best energy products and after sales service.

INDO is an established and renowned name in battery industry. We are professional, dynamic and result oriented company. INDO has an outstanding reputation domestically and globally as battery manufacturer par excellence with innovative applications. INDO products are eco friendly designed to perform uniformly under all climatic conditions and in the most demanding operating environments.

Our Ideas
Competence in design is achieved by applying world class technology adapted for Indian tropical conditions. The manufacturing methods are in tune with this modified adaptation in order to create reliable and state of art product. Apt and the best raw materials are used to ensure trouble free and uninterrupted performance of our products. Every product undergoes thorough quality checks right from designing up to finishing processes. All these measures assure the best product with the best performance at all times!

Our Customer
We offer all personal attention that our customer deserves. Our valued customer is always a top priority to us, who is the driving force behind our success. Our expertise is gained over many years of experience and interaction with our customer.

Our service engineers are qualified and trained to serve the end users. Post support service includes comprehensive maintenance contract, per call service and spares support.

We have predefined procedures for call analysis. Call attendance norms and service quality audits. The quality of services rendered is maintained to customer satisfaction irrespective of time slot, service contract or state of the equipment.

Our Team
Team INDO is a united bunch of professionals with rich experience and competence in power industry. Work is worship for them. The religion of this team is to stay united and pave way to success in every mission and target set by the organization. The invincible Team-INDO has been instrumental in all departments of our day to day activities.

Force Power Technologies

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Manufacturers of FORCE Automotive, Tubular, Inverter, Two Wheeler, Four Wheeler, Solar, E-Rickshaw & UPS Batteries.

Indglobe Power Booster Private Limited

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It is a history of accomplishmens that came along with the talented teams, craftsmanship and infusing technology in conventional way of doing business. Most importantly we take pride in helping our customers by developing and deliver high quality products at an affordable price that also assure peace of mind!

Under the vision of the founder, Mr. Rajesh, over the period of more than three decades, we have become a leading supplier, manufacturer, importer, and exporter of lead-acid batterie. Being one of the largest-scale manufacturers in the Indian battery industry, we began our journey in 1982, from the lands of Jind, Haryana, India. Our 36-year history of reliablilty and being and efficient alternate power system manufacturer enabled our continuous investment in people, technology, and new ideas that make it easier for our customers to do great work.
Under the vision of the founder, Mr. Rajesh, over the period of more than three decades, we have become a leading supplier, manufacturer, importer, and exporter of lead-acid batterie. Being one of the largest-scale manufacturers in Indian battery industry, we began our journey in 1982, from the lands of Jind, Haryana, India. Our 36-year history of reliablilty and being and efficient alternate power system manufacturer enabled our continuous investment in people, technology, and new ideas that make it easier for our customers to do great work.


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DB Dixon batteries are the fastest growing automotive & stationary lead acid batteries. The combination of advanced technology, quality management market research, and customer service has made DB DIXON batteries establish its brand name in the industry. To organize India’s Engineering talent into a globally competitive business, whether in manufacturing or in services. Our choice is for Businesses with Technological challenges and/or Engineering intensity. Recognition of our pursuit of quality was achieved when we were awarded the ISO 9001. Our Automotive Division is certified as R and TM. Ship fresh inventory within 24 hours from the nearest point to our customer while providing worry-free spent battery disposal." This is the DB DIXON Battery service axiom. Consequently, we ship our products to more than 30 locations with additional facilities and distributors worldwide. Concerning recycling, DB DIXON Battery can assist with properly spent battery disposal through legally approved smelters. That is critical for you because hazardous waste disposal laws place heavy penalties on offenders. In summary, DB DIXON Battery understands the needs of our various markets and delivers quality products whenever and wherever they are needed. leader in packaged power technology, DB Dixon Battery Private Limited today is one of the largest storage battery companies with the widest range of both conventional flooded as well as latest VRLA batteries. Apart from serving the domestic market the company exports batteries which have captured niches in South East Asia and Bangladesh.

Bhagwati Traders

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We are Distributors of MARUTI, AXON, RIDE, EXIDE, AMARON & LUMINOUS Automotive, Inverter, Tubular, E-Rickshaw, Two Wheeler, SMF, VRLA Solar & UPS Batteries.
We are also Distributors of Microtek and MTek Inverters in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Essel Foundries Pvt Ltd

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This is a manufacture cum export house. we are the manufacturer of all electrical equipment .Our products are inverter, batteries, changeover DB boxes and all BCPs ceiling fans and home appliances.
We are Exporters of GSR, GLOW ENERGY, HAUSTROM Tubular, SMF & VRLA Batteries. Domestic/Commercial Inverter, Solar Inverter, Industrial Inverter, Home UPS, Online UPS, Offline UPS, Solar Panel, Solar System, On-Grid/Off-Grid Solar System In Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

New Maharashtra Battery

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We are Dealers of AMARON & SF Automotive, Tubular, Inverter, Two Wheeler, Four Wheeler, UPS Batteries and LUMINOUS & LIVGUARD Domestic/Commercial Inverter, UTL Online/Offline UPS & Home UPS in Shrigonda, Maharashtra, India.

Hari Om Battery House

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We are Authorised Distributors of LIVFAST Automotive, Inverter Battery, and Dealers of AMARON, EXIDE Automotive & Inverter Batteries in Sonipat, Haryana, India.

Sakthi Accumulators Private Limited

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Shakthi Batteries is a trusted name for UPS, Inverters and Solar needs for nearly 25 years. Crafted to perfection, our long-lasting batteries have been designed and developed at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to meet the critical needs of the home, offices, clinics, retail, and much more.
Choose one today and POWER YOUR WORLD with SAKTHI
Manufacturer of 'SaiSakthi' Automotive Battery, 'Sakthi' Tubular Battery, 'Legend & Legend-T' UPS Battery, 'Sunlite' Solar Battery, Stationary Cells, Traction Battery, 'Ultima' Flat Plate Inverter Battery
(An ISO 9001 : 2008 & 14001:2004 Certified Co. DGS&D Regd., MNRE Approved, Tested by CPRI & CECRI)

Semson Electrical Industry

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Manufacturers of LIFE Automotive & Tubular Battery and LIFE Automotive, Tubular Battery Plates. Semson electrical industry is one of the most trusted and leading names in this region, we are the only manufacturers of life batteries and battery plates. Established in the year 1974, Semson electrical industry continues to be ahead in customer service for its clients. Life batteries are manufactured indigenously, using custom manufactured high-quality battery plates, which enables our batteries a unique advantage in power and performance over others. Each battery manufactured undergoes various tests in-house before delivering it to our clients. We have a dedicated team of professionals with exceptional after-sales service.

Advon Industries Pvt. Ltd.

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Advon Industries is into real-time manufacturing of all sorts of batteries, solar panels, inverters, PCU solar, on-grids and many other products. We have five manufacturing plants in Bhiwadi, and our corporate office is located in Gurgaon. Our team comprises of visionaries who have experience in the field power sector. They are highly qualified and have a thorough knowledge of the market. They are also completely aware of the requirements of customers from all across the world. The best part of teaming up with Advon Industries is that it has set up an in-house research and development team comprising experienced and able professionals. The R&D is exceptionally well equipped to operate the latest software for design and other high-level innovations. We can handle the development of power hardware and have appropriate facilities to conduct testing of energy technologies at optimum power using grid simulators for simulation experiments. We are spread across 25+ countries. Our clientele involves 20+ reputed ODM (original design manufacturers) customers who are located in India as well as abroad.

AVM Batteries

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Terminal design that provides resistance to acid leaks & corrosion allowing the terminal posts to stay clean & corrosion-free on the shelf. Special grid selenium alloy to maximize corrosion resistance, Increased cycle life, reduced water consumption & battery durability. PE Envelope separators that are designed to help eliminate shorting & "corrode through" to improve reliability & battery life. Special ribbed separators provide high cranking power & the unique grid design assures maximum conductivity. Special paste formulation: Increases the durability of the plate by reduced aging rate of active material. Designed with a special vibration-proof element, keeping the battery at top performance even on harsh Indian road conditions. Top class packaging. Door delivery through company-owned transport facilities. Most competitive prices.

Highflow Industries Pvt. Ltd.

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As a recognized power and smart energy solutions provider and used lead-acid battery recycler, “Highflow” is dedicated to sharing its business with employees & sharing success with partners. At “Highflow”, our values govern our relationships with our customers and each other. They enable all our employees around the world, in every kind of job, to understand who we are as a company, what we stand for, and most importantly, how to get the work done. Our values are written to inspire and guide, because how we go about achieving success matters as much as what we achieve. We encourage both our employees and partners to enrich social and economic welfare by contributing to the development of more affordable clean energy.

Highflow Industries Pvt. Ltd. (Brand named as “Highflow”) is North India’s leading manufacturer of power quality and energy solutions for the industrial, resident and commercial sectors.

Founded in 1987, the Company we know today “Highflow Industries Pvt. Ltd.” was originally named “Om Engineering Works” by founder Mr. Om Prakash Jaiswal. The company was first and foremost for manufacturing of Battery Hard Rubber Containers and Lead Acid Battery Plates and supplies to every battery manufacturer in India up to 2000s. In 2000 the company started making own Lead Acid Batteries. In 2005 the company started smelting of used Lead Acid Batteries. In 2014 company change its constitution to Pvt. Ltd. and changed his Band name to “ Highflow”.


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INTERLIGHT BATTRIES is one of the leading Indian Electrical Company. Having Extensive interests in delivering reliable power back-up solutions since 1975 with a very small base. this company has grown and become one of the largest power group with strong footprints more than 10 countries in Indian Sub continent Middle East Africa & South East Asia Interlight is offering uninterruptible and alternative power Solution to the customer that make their life Comfortable and efficient. Interlight is throughly Committed Accessto energy For all People on this earth through innovative &Customize Power Solutions .
Industry Focus
Tubular Deep Cycle Flooded Batteries, Electric Vehicle Batteries, UPS and Industrial Batteries.
Awards & Recognition
ISO 9001: 2015
ISO 14001: 2015
The batteries have CE certification, testing standards- EN 61000 and IEC 61215.
The products have already been passed by MNRE, India and have more than 230k batteries already installed.
The batteries have been exported to stringent quality control countries including Saudi Arabia and Australia.
The facility has been used for making private label brands for some of the established brands for almost a decade.