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eCharge Mobility Pvt Ltd

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Our expertise rooted in the manufacturing and trading of chargers, batteries, connectors, motor controller and wiring harness. Services includes both for Lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion, making it a one stop solution for B2B and even end users of the industry in Bengaluru. We are the hub of best-in-class services to EV industry in Bengaluru. Karnataka, India.
The company aims at providing sustainable solutions to the user of the market which we guarantee with Made in India initiative and VocalForLocal. The young and dynamic professionals in the company lashes out with their skills to transform the industry giving it a clear-cut edge to grow and prosper with no dependency on foreign nations for imports.

RC Labs (Intelligent Battery Management Systems)

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Battery packs fail due to poor cell quality, inefficient thermal management, and suboptimal battery management systems. This can not only cause physical harm to the end customer and damage the brand but can delay or even completely derail Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption. Furthermore, after accidents, employees and customers quit, OEMs are in a legal soup and lose market share rapidly.

To solve this, RC Labs was incorporated in Nov. 2019 capitalizing on 7 years of research at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University on how to enhance battery management for Li-ion batteries. We are developing intelligent Battery Management Systems (BMSs) which are adaptive, chemistry agnostic, and modular. The IoT BMS helps to model and understand EV batteries significantly better than the state-of-the-art under different weather, driving terrain, and application. This knowledge is transformed into code and the BMS is frequently updated over the air. In addition, an enhanced understanding of batteries and the physical design of the BMS allows us to rapidly accommodate new applications and implement plug-and-play infrastructure to scale to higher voltage applications. With our BMS and accurate battery models, RC Labs aims to enable a currently defunct safe & circular battery economy.