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Platinum Trading Company

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We are Traders/Importers of All Type of Battery Raw Materials, AGM Separators, Rubber Parts like Vent Cap, O-Ring and Silver Coated Terminals, Epoxy, Hardener for Batteries & Battery Chemicals in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Mesha Energy Solutions Private Limited

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Mesha, Inc. focus is to provide technology to improve the challenges faced by current energy storage solutions. Mesha’s product META™ transforms the conventional Lead Acid Battery and Lithium-Ion Battery into a PowerBattery™. The META™ product is based on the work done by Mesha on Supercapacitors. META™ is battery agnostic and enhances the performance of conventional batteries that are available in the industry today. These batteries have challenges with regards to lifecycle, efficiency, and supporting high power density applications. A patent has been filed for META™ which is applicable to both Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion Battery technologies.
Mesha has built a team of experts that bring the following expertise to make META™ successful for a variety of applications that require high power density along with energy density.
Management Expertise: A team that has built successful startups and multi-billion-dollar global systems integration companies.
Product and Project Management: A team that has global experience in building products and successfully completing complex projects.
Subject Matter Expertise: More than 30+ years of experience in Battery Storage. Also, multi-year experience in Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy, Smart Grids, and Power Electronics.

Financial and Supply Chain: Multi-year experience in corporate finance, mergers, and acquisitions. Also, multi-year experience in procurement and supply chain management.