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TrackEPR is the environmental & sustainability division of Trackbee Data Solutions Pvt Ltd, an ISO 27001 certified company. We leverage technology and research to spearhead innovation and sustainability initiatives. Our core strength lies in utilizing sophisticated technology and in-depth research to develop solutions that address the multifaceted challenges across various domains, including waste management. The Trackbee Survey Software, a key product in our suite, showcases our commitment to creating reliable, data-centric tools. This platform exemplifies our ability to merge cutting-edge technology with strategic research, delivering impactful solutions for domains such as Market Research, Social Research, M&E, etc.

With TrackEPR, our mission goes beyond simply helping businesses comply with regulations. We strive to turn them into leaders of environmental stewardship. By combining advanced technology with fundamental environmental values, TrackEPR streamlines the process for companies to meet Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) mandates. This approach not only ensures regulatory compliance but also positions businesses as pioneers in sustainable practices. In TrackEPR, our service lines include:

EPR Registration:
Provides EPR registration services for battery producers (including importers), battery recyclers, and battery refurbishers on the CPCB portal.

EPR Compliance:
Facilitates the filing of quarterly and annual reports for all registered entities.

EPR Fulfilment:
Supports procuring EPR certificates for producers according to targets from our network of battery recyclers and refurbishers.

Consulting Services:
Offers expert guidance on navigating EPR complexities, including conducting mock audits for recyclers, optimizing EPR targets, and ensuring regulatory readiness and excellence.

Awareness Programs:
Conducts interactive education programs on EPR and waste management, as well as CSR projects, aimed at fostering a culture of responsible waste practices among diverse audiences.

EPR Solutions for Various Waste Streams:
Provides solutions for plastic packaging waste, e-waste, battery waste, and tyres.